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We have been developing solutions for a wide range of businesses and organizations since 2008. Our experiences in the app development industry is something we love to share with our clients. We specialize in Internet of Things apps, Enterprise apps, E-learning apps and Marketing apps. We bring ideas to life in the mobile world!

100+ Customers

100+ Customers

Since 2008, we have developed solutions for companies and organizations with different needs.

Our clients

Delivered over 275 apps

Delivered over 275 apps

278 apps and still counting. 100+ custom iOS, Android and Windows apps and 150+ webapps. 

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17 app specialists

A team of 17 specialists

With our team of 7 experts and 10 specialized developers, we make the impossible, possible!

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Our goal is to develop high-quality apps solutions that can change the way we work on a daily basis, with one swipe on a screen.

Fish on Fire is the mobile app development company of RWE innogy



Wolters Kluwer

TATA Steel

Fish on Fire proudly works the City of Amsterdam



enterprise mobile app development company

Business Efficiency

Solve internal and external problems, revitalize old systems and look forward to new opportunities!

Internet of Things mobile app development company

Internet of Things

The internet is connected to almost everything around us and offers lots of opportunities. Let’s use them!

marketing mobile app development company

Highlight Products

Put your products in the spotlight to distinct yourself from your competitors with a marketing app.

e-learning mobile app development company


Give your audience the chance to keep up and develop themselves, whenever and wherever they want.

Tata Steel

The Tata Steel Safety app is developed for employees that are working on the area of Tata Steel. The app provides the ability for users to report dangerous situations, accidents or traffic injuries. As a result, Tata Steel is able to take precautions in order to improve the safety of working environment.

Emergency number + nearest turnout places
In emergencies, the app provides a special feature to report the emergency provided with the nearest turnout place which is shown in the app. In situations where time is critical, this feature ensures that emergency services move directly to the appropriate location to provide assistance.

The Safety app also provides:

  • Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA)
  • Insight in emerging places
  • Navigating the Tata Steel site
  • Latest news

TUI OneHR webapp

For TUI, the new employer onboarding strategy is digitalized in a webapp. The idea is to completely involve the employees in the new strategy and give them the opportunity to participate.

The solution is designed as an internal communication tool for new employees and potential candidates for the TUI organization. A journey is a unique experience, and so is working at TUI. Together with TUI, the digital strategy is made tangible.

  • Guide for all new employees
  • 100% Employee awareness in HRM strategy
  • Communicate with HR directly from the app
  • Latest news

Mobile app development company Fish on Fire has developed an app platform for Wolters Kluwer in a very professional and pleasant way. From start to completion Fish on Fire has thought with us in a way where design, usability and efficiency were maximized.

Raymond Blijd - Wolters Kluwer

Research & Concept Development

For your app to succeed you will need a thoughtful strategy. Your team and our team will brainstorm on where to begin, where to go, and how to get you there.

We develop small, but we think big.

UI & UX Design

Behind every great mobile app, there’s a story about great design. A design is more than a font and a matching color.

We have a great team who designs a killer UI/UX for the best look and feel for the users.

Functional & Technical Design

After the design, a prototype will be documented and created to show you what you can expect from the app before we start with the development of the app. In other words, you can already have a taste of the final result.


We have developed apps from Apple Watches to Android tablets to iPhones to Windows devices. Small screens or big screens don’t matter to us, if you want it, we can build it!

Testing, Q&A & Deploy

Technology has to be tested lots of times to make sure everything works in the way it is supposed to be. We will come up with a test plan to make sure your app is 100% ready for the launch.


The world we live in now is continually evolving, so is technology. That is why we need to update your app to the latest standards and needs to get the maximum out of the app!

“We are a full service specialist, in building custom made apps.”

Full service, because we think of everything! Specialist, because we know our business by heart! Dare us.. Custom made, because every business has their own unique needs. We make our apps intuitive, enjoyable, and valuable! Always with the satisfaction of the end user in mind.

Making the best possible app with a great user experience and crazy amazing design, is what we are doing every single day. It’s what sets us on fire. Do you want to build an original and professional app? Then we have one question for you:

How do you drink your coffee?

Let's do it!

What are you waiting for? Tell us all about your app idea! Don’t hesitate to contact us. You are welcome to stop by one of our offices in Amsterdam or Alkmaar to discuss your ideas while enjoying a cup of coffee. Or you can give us a call.

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